Cataract Treatment & Surgery

Cataracts are a clouding of the eye's lens from protein buildups as we age. Cataracts cannot be seen when symptoms start arising without an exam from an ophthalmologist.

With millions of Americans over the age of 40 developing cataracts, medicine and technology has advanced greatly in resolving this eye disease. It is one of the most common and safest eye surgery procedures today.

Kaz Vision & Laser Center specializes in cataract treatment and surgery services for residents all over Southeast Virginia. With decades of experience, Dr Kaz is recognized as one of Hampton Road's top eye doctors for the treatment of cataracts. Our Newport News facility features the latest equipment and technology for the safe and effective treatment of eye cataracts.

Symptoms Of Cataracts

  • Halos or "stars" around street and headlights are more pronounced at night;
  • Eyes become more sensitive to light;
  • Vision is now consistently "cloudy" or "blurry";
  • Have trouble reading or watching TV with and without glasses;
  • The protein buildups can cause a change in color perception;
  • Sometimes results in double-vision in just one eye;
  • Progressive nearsightedness  - patient thinks vision is improving, but it doesn't last;
  • Patient requires more lighting to see things;
  • Frequent prescription changes.

Facts About Cataracts

  • Cataracts affect 1 in 6 Americans over the age of 40;
  • Over half of Americans have cataracts by age 70;
  • According to the National Eye Institute (NEI), 68.3 percent of Americans 80 and older had cataracts in 2010;
  • Cataract-related vision loss is reversible with cataract surgery;
  • More than 3 million cataract surgeries are performed in the United States every year;
  • Thankfully, modern cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today;
  • 9 out of 10 patients who have cataract surgery regain 20/20 to 20/40 vision.

Laser Cataract Surgery

With cataract surgery, the cloudy lens inside your eye  is removed and replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL).  There are various types of IOL's to fit your eyes vision correction. It is an out-patient procedure with the whole process encompassing only a couple of hours.  See Eye Surgery for More Info.